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About the Work Scholar Program

Stevan A. Baron, for whom the internship program is named, studied with Minor White in 1963, and remained professionally involved with Aperture until he retired from his position as Vice-President of Production in 2003. Over his forty-year tenure Baron was responsible for the exacting separation and printing standards that define Aperture’s publications. He believed deeply in the importance of education both within and beyond the classroom environment. Working with printers and photographers, he expanded the printing process to achieve on the page the emotional effect the photographer intended. He was an adjunct professor for over ten years, in addition to fostering a passion for photography and publishing for countless Aperture work scholars and colleagues.
        In addition to working closely with the Aperture staff and contributing to the day-to-day office work flow, work scholars make contacts within the photo community at Aperture events and through meetings with various professionals in the photography field. Aperture Foundation’s Chelsea location offers the unique opportunity to work for six to twelve months in New York City and have access to art galleries, museums, and other art-related facilities. Aperture Work Scholar positions include:

Digital Media
Editorial (Books & Magazine)
Education & Public Programs
Finance & Administration
Institutional Funding
Library & Digital Archive
Magazine Circulation
Publicity & Events
Sales & Marketing
Special Events & Membership

Further details regarding the positions and specific application requirements can be viewed here.
Interns serve on a volunteer basis for which they receive a lunch stipend of $300 per month full-time, as well as complimentary copies of Aperture magazine (stipends for part-time work scholars vary depending on their time commitment). We do not offer summer or semester-long internships. Applicants must make their own living arrangements and should have sufficient financial resources to cover their living expenses. College credit is available for this program. A full-time (five days per week, unless otherwise noted), six-month time commitment is necessary, with the potential to extend the internship for an additional six months.


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