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Behind the Barricades

Student protests shook late-1960s Japan. Hitomi Watanabe bore witness from inside the movement.

talks & interviews

Back to the Future

A new exhibition in Seattle explores the ambiguity of what is yet to come


Black and White America

The civil rights-era photographs of Louis Draper and Leonard Freed shed light on the complex lives of African Americans.

talks & interviews

The Provoke Moment

In the first of an ongoing series of interviews about Japanese photography with Tsuyoshi Ito, Curator Simon Baker discusses the radical new vision of the 1960s.

talks & interviews

A Love Song for New Orleans

Drawing inspiration from Walker Evans, Stephen Hilger photographed a city’s disappearing neighborhood.

member event

Recap of Connect Member Meetup with Wardell Milan

On February 28, Aperture Connect Members came together at the studio of visual artist Wardell Milan for their first meetup of 2017

Full Color Feminism

A former Riot Girrl, Becca Albee’s photography unpacks the politics of color.

Visions of Unity: Six Visual Protests

From coalitions to exhibitions, here’s how artists and institutions are making their voices heard.

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Recap of Aperture’s Patron Weekend in San Francisco

An homage to the city that launched the first issue of Aperture magazine in 1952.

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America’s Destiny in Pictures

What is the role of the photographer in our new political order? Seven visionaries respond.


Along the Route of Fidel’s Funeral

When Fidel Castro died in November, photographer Noah Friedman-Rudovsky followed the final journey of Cuba’s comandante.

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Sex Wars Revisited

An early platform for lesbian photography, On Our Backs was instrumental in shaping a culture of desire.